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Nova Launcher (Latest) Apk For Android

 Tired of gazing at a similar old home screen? In the event that you have a cell phone running Google's Android working framework, uplifting news: You don't need to endure the dullness any more. Android underpins what are known as outsider launchers, custom applications that supercharge your home screen with new highlights, subjects, and enhancements. There is a quite huge rundown of launchers to browse, however few approach the level of clean and adaptability of Nova Launcher, a free (and alternatively paid) Android launcher for all gadgets running Android 4.0 and more up to date. you can also download Nova launcher from Google Play store.
Nova Launcher Apk

Using Nova Launcher On Android

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and application cabinet, the looking over rundown of application symbols ordinarily available by swiping up on your telephone's home screen. In any case, on the default settings, you won't see much in the method for change — that is on account of Nova Launcher adheres to a genuinely vanilla interpretation of Android's home screen. In any case, there is a considerable measure Nova Launcher can do that isn't quickly self-evident. Try not to like the shape or style of application symbols? It's anything but difficult to swap them out. Exhausted of the change movements between home screens and applications? Simply pick distinctive ones. How? We will talk you through a portion of the primary focuses ideal here.
Nova Launcher (free) versus Nova Launcher Prime
First of all: You need to download Nova Launcher with a specific end goal to utilize it. Introduce it like you would some other application by going to the Google Play Store, where you will confront your first critical choice: Whether to make due with the free form of Nova Launcher, or spring for the paid rendition — Nova Launcher Prime ($5).

What's the distinction between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime?

 It comes down to customization. Nova Launcher Prime gives you a chance to allocate motions (e.g., squeeze, twofold tap) to applications on the home screen, and includes new checks — little overlay identifications that show new messages — over the launcher. You likewise get custom cabinet gatherings, which let you make new tabs or envelopes in the application cabinet; a choice to conceal applications from the application cabinet; custom per-organizer and per-symbol swipe signals; and an extended rundown of parchment impacts.
It's a great deal to consider, yet here is our suggestion: Unless there is a Nova Launcher Prime element you don't figure you will have the capacity to live without, attempt the free form first. Run it through its paces and check whether you like it and on the off chance that you wind up knocking up against its constraints, think about making the buy.
On the other hand, consider purchasing Nova Launcher Prime and attempting it for multi day. In case you're not persuaded, request your cash back — the Google Play Store gives you a chance to discount any application buy made under 48 hours prior.